2019 - current and upcoming exhibitions:

tellus 200

Exhibition "TELLUS", from January 11 to February 9  2019, Cultural Center ROQUEFORT LES PINS (06330), FRANCE.

See the brochure in PDF.

Personal exhibitions :

6 to 28 February 2015, Cultural Center of Roquefort-les-Pins (06): "Genesis" (Pixoplastie)

April-May 2009, Galerie Marc Piano, VALLAURIS, (bullfighting).

December - January 2007, Galerie Marc Piano, VALLAURIS, (still lifes).

June - August 2005, International Academy of Arts, VALLAURIS, (still lifes and bullfighting).

November - December 2003, Gallery Art 7, NICE,(Venise et bullfighting).

September - October 2001, Photo Septoff, Gallery Michel Cabaret, NICE, (bullfighting and nudes).

November - December 2000, Gallery Art 7, NICE, (the Plaine des Maures).

September - October 2000, photography SeptOff, Faculty of Sciences of NICE, (Plaine des Maures).

June to September 2000, regional headquarters of the - B.N.P. PARIBAS, NICE, (the Plaine des Maures).

September - October 1998, Gallery Art7, NICE, (nudes and Portraits).

May - June 1998, headquarters for "The post", PARIS, (still lifes).

March 1998, Galerie du Centre régional de Universitaires et Scolaires, NICE, (still lifes) works.

September - October 1997, Gallery N.C.E. photography Contemporaine, PARIS, (landscapes).

July 1997 Hall Holy Spirit, VALBONNE a.m. (all the gum bichromates).

October - November 1996, Galerie du Château (Nice museums) to NICE (bathroom and Plaine des Maures worthy).

May to September 1996, Museum of photography French Bièvres (together gum bichromate).

June 1995, Art junction in CANNES, (Natures Mortes).

June 1995, Mediterranean school of gardens and landscapes, GRASSE, (still lifes).

March 1995 Museum of photography in MOUGINS a.m. (still lifes).

September 1994 Conservatoire du Littoral - Domaine du Rayol (VAR), (work at the gum bichromate on the Domaine du Rayol).

January to March 1992, "ASCHERMAN Gallery", CLEVELAND-U.S.A, (Venice, Portraits and still lifes).

June - July 1991, Gallery KRIVY, NICE, (Venice, Natures Mortes).


Collective exhibitions :

2018, Exhibition "TELLUS", from January 11 to February 9  2019, Cultural Center ROQUEFORT LES PINS (06330), FRANCE.

2017, November 30th to December 31th 2017 : Galerie DEPARDIEU, Nice. (Genesis).

2017, June 30th to July 16th 2017, 15th "Festival du Peu" Bonson (village in the hinterland of Nice-France).

2017, March 10th 2017 – April 8th 2017, exhibition "Taking in the View" GALLERY DIFFERENT 14 Percy Street London W1T 1DR (United Kingdom). Exhibition of Landscapes - traditional to contemporary | representational to abstract, (Genesis).

2016, December 10th 2016 - May 30th 2017, invited to participate to the "Young Creation of the Photography of the French Riviera" exhibition, Vision Future, Nice (France), (landscapes, still-lifes and Genesis).

2016, October 22th 2016 - January 31th 2017, asked to participate to the exhibition Acte III of the 70th anniversary of the Mediterranean Union for Modern Art (UMAM), 2016, Art Gallery of the Palais de l'Europe, Menton (France), (Genesis).

2016, May 22th - June 18th 2016, "Singolare / plurale", Biblioteca Lagorio, Imperia (Italy) (Genesis).

2016, April 5 - May 7, 2016, "In retro", act # 3 of the 25 years of stArt, Librairie Niçoise, Nice (France), (Genesis).

2016, March 26th to April 10th 2016, Godard-Piano exhibition "Original matters" Marc Piano Workshop, 37 rue de Cannes in Vallauris (France), tour of the exhibition..

2015, September 17th to November 17th 2015, Festival of Mediterranean Photography: exhibition "Genesis" Espace Ecureuil Massena, 6 Place Massena  Nice (France).

2015, February 16th to April 24th 2015, "Landscapes Nature and Territory", André Malraux Cultural Center - Villeneuve-Loubet (06) (France), (bichromate gums "La Plaine des Maures).

April to May 19th, 2012, "Primus Tempus", Château de La Palud sur Verdon (04) (France), (Pixoplastie: magmas).

July 2011, thematic exhibition 'Confinement / freedom', La Brigue sur Roya (France), (Pixoplastie: urban landscape).

July 28th - August 15th 2010, "White world" exhibition Salle des fêtes of the La Brigue sur Roya (France), (Abstract).

December 2009, "White world", Gallery of the Cyclades, ANTIBES (France), (Numeric abstracts).

October 2009 to September 2010: Agora Einstein, SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS (France), (Plaine des Maures and Digne).

October 2008, "hair, feathers, horns, etc." Maison des artistes, CAGNES SUR MER (France), (bullfighting).

February to April 2007, exhibition "beautiful as a symptom" C.I.A.C. de CARROS (France), (still lifes).

June - September 2006, Gallery Vision Future, NICE (France), (Still lifes).

January 2005, Inauguration Centre Culturel de ROQUEFORT LES PINS (France), (Venice).

December 2004, Maison des Artistes, CAGNES SUR MER (France), (Venice).

June - August 1999, Metropolitan Art Museum, BUSAN (South Korea), (Nudes).

September - October 1998, Gallery Art 7, NICE (France), (nudes and Portraits).

July 1998 art Triangle, space Culture & Tradition SAINTE-AGNÈS a.m (France), (landscapes).

January - February 1998 Galerie FNAC Etoile, PARIS, (command on NICE).

October to December 1997 "September de la Photo", Musée Matisse & Gallery FNAC, NICE (France), (command on NICE).

September - October 1996, "Rendez-vous pictures" in MONACO, (Natures Mortes).

June 1995 Art junction in CANNES (France), (Still lifes).

February 1994 Gallery Renoir (NICE museums) in NICE (France), (landscapes Plaine des Maures and Digne).

September 1991 biennial of photography in NICE (France), (Venice).