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Self-portrait Jacques Godard
As soon as I opened my photographic workshop in Nice in 1970, I began my researches on the interpretation of the image by working on its material and medium.
The results were disappointing. During 1982, through the Edward Steichen's works, I discovered the existence of the printing process with "gum bichromate". I felt that it can give me the opportunity to obtain the images I was looking for.
After five years of researches on gum bichromate process, during my spare time, I finally got pictures matching my expectations.
During 1998, I apply the possibilities of the digital image to gum bichromate printing pocess.
Recent progress of the printers, the quality of pigmented inks and papers, causing me to foresee many other possibilities, convinced me to persue my work on the image henceforth into the digital pictures.

My favorite subjects : in fact there are none or they are all. Each genre, landscapes, still lifes and others, brings me a variety of emotions which are own to each and every. Each in its own way, provids me the basis of my reflections and my explorations on the rendering of the image that I expect. I am more a picture "maker" than a picture "taker".

This explains that until my "rediscovery" of the gum bichromate process, I was looking for a medium suitable for my images, the silver paper does not satisfy me in rendering my own work. Because of my  "Pictorialist" taste I prefer that the image is over the surface of paper which participates in its rendering. In this purpose, digital printing has fulfilled my expectations.

In 2011, my work has evolved into what I called: the pixoplastie.
The digitized photograph serves as a template to a study of its evocations. The image is destructured then restructured by computer using mathematical functions; its original constituents, pixels, provide me a material as malleable as a clay.
Each resulting picture is an expression of the evocation caused by the subject; It is unique because it is dependent on its original matrix.

Main publications and editions:
2010  Portfolio Case, vintages of 50 artists of the association "20 Years old stArt", stArt editions.
2005 "Natural Reserves of France", Nathan Editions.
2003 "Eroticism in the Garden", Flammarion Editions.
1999 "Panorama of contemporary art on the Cote d'Azur", Pusan Metropolitan Art Museum  editions (South Korea).
1997 "Nice, ten photographers and one city," Gregoire Gardette Editions.

Major collections, Organisations and Museums:
Arts-Affaires, Boulogne Billancourt (Paris).
Ascherman Gallery, Beachwood, Cleveland (Ohio - USA).
Bibliothèque Nationale - Cabinet des Estampes (Paris).
Center for Photography, Museum of Nice.
Collodions Naturels International (Rouen).
Conservatoire Du Littoral, National Directorate (Paris).
Conservatoire Du Littoral, Rayol Canadel (Var).
Ecole Nationale de la Photographie, Arles (B. Rhone).
Electricite de France, Var directorate (Toulon).
Fondation Electricite de France, Paris.
French Museum for Photography, Bièvres (Ile de France).
Italian Foundation for Photography (Turin - Italy).
Joseph FACH Gallery (Frankfurt am Main, Germany).
Krivy  Gallery(Nice).
Mediterranean School for Gardens and Landscapes, Grasse (AM).

Professional experiences:
November 1995, directs a training on the process"gum bichromate" at the National School of Photography of Arles.
September 1999, directs a training on the application of the digital image to the technique of the photographic print of the gum bichromate, for the Union of photographers professionals du Midi (S.P.P.M.).
February 2000, directs a second training of deepening this technique for the S.P.P.M..