A foray into Greek mythology with the Theogony / Cosmogony of Hésiode ...
...In the beginning there was Chaos, then Gaïa (Earth); then the dark Tartarus (Hell), placed under the abysses of the immense Earth; finally Eros, Love, the most beautiful of the gods ...

From Chaos were born Erebos (Erebus - Darkness) and Nyx, Dark Night. 
Æther (Ether) and Hemera (Day) were born from Nyx, who conceived them by uniting with Erebos.

 Gaïa first gave birth to Ouranos (Uranus - the Sky) crowned with stars and made him his equal in size so that he covered it entirely; then she created the high mountains, the graceful retreats of the divine Nymphs who inhabit the mountains.

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