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Because of the importance taken by Genesis in my pixoplastician approach, I had to devote an entire part to it in my pixoplasty.
Genesis was born from my thoughts on the photographs I took in 1995 on the Plaine des Maures on behalf of the Conservatoire du Littoral.
To help me answer my questions on the heterogeneous formation of the place and, by extrapolation, that of our planet, of our galaxy and more broadly of the universe.
I turned to the physicochemical principle that Lavoisier had put forward about of the conservation of masses during the change of state of matter : « Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed ».
Antoine Lavoisier thus applied the conclusion issued some 23 centuries earlier by the Greek philosopher Anaxagore (of Clazomènes) who, describing the stages of the formation of the universe, affirmed : « Nothing is born or perishes, but things already existing are combine, then separate again ».
This confirmed me in the direction that my research should take: my shots contained the genesis of the Plaine des Maures.
The development of the digital image allowed me later to explore its hypothetical cosmogony, thus revealing to me the richness in matter and in poetry of an unsuspected universe.
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